01-05-2023: Insights PDF

Share your results with colleagues or clients with the new Insights PDF!

Welcome to another update of Mobius 😎. We have prepared for you a first visual report that you can download directly from Mobius. Use it to quickly share your impact results with colleagues, clients, or partners. The new document will save you time in creating and formatting your own reports and presentations. And we have to say, it looks great too! A big thanks to our designer and developers for making this possible 🙌. 

Download Insights PDF

You can obtain a PDF with the main insights for your product or life cycle from the Tools menu "Download insights". The PDF will download directly to your browser. Have a look at your browser Settings -> Downloads if you do not see it immediately. 

Together with the impacts in Excel, these are now the two options to obtain your results from Mobius. 

Note that the Export inventory only contains the structure of your product, and can be used for importing purposes. 

Content of the Insights PDF

The goal of the Insights PDF is to give you the main highlights of your product or life cycle so it can be easily shared without giving away too many details about your product's contents or processes. 

The results will be displayed for the main impact category you have selected in the interface. Simply select another one in the dropdown if you would like to have a different impact category on your PDF. 

The circle diagram on the right, and the table on the left show the main contributors to the total impact of your product. To keep it simple it shows five main impact items and their percentage contribution. All other items are summarized in "Other". 

The descriptive information that is displayed on the PDF includes your product or life cycle name, unit, amount, and description. 

On the right, it displays the name of your account and the impact category and method below the circle diagram. 

At the bottom, there is a disclaimer about copyright and a recommendation for when your audience has the intention to compare the environmental impact of your product with other products. 

Tips and tricks

Pay attention to your life cycle unit and amount to make sure it is correct. Both can be updated in the Detail panel.

Use the description fields in the detail panel to add a bit more information to the PDF. You have about 275 characters. Use them to mention details about the product like its function and weight, and details about the study like goal, scope, and the database used. 

The space for item names in the table is limited. So give your items in the inventory a concise name, starting with the most important aspects, as names longer than 18 characters will be truncated. 

On the right top side, the PDF shows your account name. We would advise you to enter the correct name for your company in Settings -> Account details.