01.04.2022 - v0.8.855 Release 0.8 and Carbon translator

You might have already seen it, but in this release, we made several small improvements to your experience in Mobius. We have styled the login page according to our branding to give a warm welcome to all users. Together with the link to the Carbon translator and the soon coming in-app tours, these are the final improvements in version 0.8. The goal of this release is to enable users to find the application and onboard themselves without too much help from our specialists. Previously we already provided a homepage with more options for this purpose. 

Next up in the summer release of version 0.9 our goal is to really enable users to create and improve their first product footprints. This means several features will need to be made self-explanatory and easy to use. Think for example of an overview of "end" products separate from all other objects, editing the inventory, finding references, and creating an improved version of the product.


Now on to the Carbon translator. You can find this little gimmick below your inventory. When you have Global warming or Climate change as your impact category you can click it and go to the Carbon translator. 

Your total value will be entered and you can see several benchmarks with which you can compare, or use to express the impact of your product. Is it not much easier to grasp the impact in terms of Avocados or Cups of coffee? Let us know what you think of this tool and which comparisons you would like to see!