02.03.2022 - v0.8.824 Menu and Workspace

We have some great progress to share! The past few weeks we have worked on a more interactive home screen. Next time you visit check out the new fast ways to create a new product or life cycle. Or if you haven't seen them before, have a look at the tutorial videos in the Help Center, now easily accessible. 

The left menu also got an update. We have merged the Account and User settings and moved them down, as they are less relevant for your day to day work. 

And finally, starting at the end of this week Mobius should also remember your last used Account, Workspace and preferred view for Card or List layout 🎉. Small improvements that should help you work more efficient. 

Next up and especially relevant for new users; we will fill Mobius with small hints and tours, to help you better understand the tool and retrieve more value.