02.07.2021 - v0.8.614 Ecoinvent 3.6 Database

Ecoinvent v3.6 is now available in Mobius. The ecoinvent data landscape includes 2,200 new and 2,500 updated datasets, 247 more products, and greatly expands its geographical coverage on numerous countries and regions, such as Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, India, Peru and South Africa. 
New datasets were added regarding Agriculture, Building & Construction, Chemicals, Textile and several other sectors. Especially textiles received a major update and now offers new data on the production of an expanded range of natural and synthetic fibres, such as organic cottonsilklinen and polyester. Specifically, the sector now includes datasets that cover the following: production of cotton, linen, jute, kenaf, and mulberry data; silkworm rearing (sericulture); yarn manufacturing of all types of fibre; weaving and knitting of textiles; and dyeing and finishing processes. More information can be found in this report and on the Ecoinvent website.


You can find the new version of Ecoinvent in the Database search, and you can use the filters on the left to specify your search. 


Several methods have also received an update, to better fit the new version of Ecoinvent. We advise you to use a method specifically for Ecoinvent v 3.6 when available. 

Methods can be found in the Workspace settings.