05.02.2020 - v0.7.45: Lifecycle Functional Unit and Excluding Long term

We have updated the Lifecycle with a Functional unit. Use this to express the number of years you will use the product, like using a Hairdryer for 5 years. Or apply your product with a different unit than it's standard one, like using several tonnes of asphalt in 1 m2 of road. In future releases we can use the Functional unit and other properties to compare products with different lifespans.

Next to that we have added the option to exclude long-term impacts to our impact settings. This will exclude the impact of emissions after the initial time period of 100 years. Excluding long-term impact is recommended in most norms, like the Dutch SBK Bepalingsmethode. However, especially for land filling of materials, the long term emissions of toxic metals or highly persistent organic compounds are significant if it occurs over thousands of years and should always be kept in mind when doing an LCA studie. 


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