07.05.2021 - v0.8.567 Custom impacts

It has been a while since we have published an article about updates on the Mobius application. But luckily we have not been idle! We have been working hard in the background on new databases, solving small issues and bugs. And now finally we have a new feature to share, Custom impacts! More is coming, so keep an eye on the changelog :)


With the Custom impacts feature, you can add specific values for the impact of a product directly to the system. Use it, for example, when you have received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that you want to use in your product footprint. Or when you have found specific CO2 values in a scientific article. You can even create your own collection of custom datasets and use them in your calculations. 


To add custom impacts click a product to open the right detail panel. Now you can choose whether you want to use a reference product from the database or to add a custom impact. In the example below, we have received new data from our Cotton Fibres supplier in the form of an EPD, so instead of a reference dataset we want to use the values in the EPD. 


So we click Add custom impact and enter the custom values for each impact category directly in the form.



After saving you can now see a custom impact was added and is being used in the impact calculations.
If you want you can even temporarily add a dataset from the database, your custom impacts will remain available and will be used in calculations again once you remove the dataset.