07.09.2022 - v0.9.131 Change amount

All inventory actions are now mid-screen

Hi, thank you for reading this update! Today we will go live with a new addition to how you can effectively work in the inventory of your products and life cycles.

Last releases we already allowed you to add ➕ and remove 🗑️ sub-items directly inside the inventory. Now you can also change ✏️ the amount directly, without having to go to the detail panel. We hope with all these actions readily available you make and improve your footprints even faster, and make a sustainable impact on the world 🌎. 


Change amount:


Cleaning up the detail panel

We have removed the Add and remove item actions from the detail panel. Soon we will also remove the Change amount action. No worries, we will first give you a few weeks to get used to the new place for changing an amount 😊. 
Soon the detail panel will only display the general information of an item you have selected. While all inventory-specific values and actions are available mid-screen. A more intuitive way to work on your product footprints and life cycles!



More changes are coming, so keep an eye out on this changelog!