08.08.2022 - v0.9.117 Add impact and database search update

Have a look at our newest update to the options for adding impact and searching in the database 👀. The following improvements have been made:

  • Merged options for adding impact; From product database, elementary flows and custom impact
  • Search suggestions based on item name
  • Settings for nr. of results per page
  • New styling
  • Option to edit impact
  • Icons indicating impact source

One window for Add impact

Clicking the general button for "Add impact" will open a new window with all options in one place. Use the tabs on top to navigate to the Database search with products and processes, the Elementary flows, or the Custom impact option. 
Heads up, we will improve also the categories for elementary flows in next release. 

Search suggestions

Below the search field, you will find suggestions for refining your search. They are based on the item name. You can make your search more specific by combining the relevant search terms. 

Settings for nr. of results

At the bottom of the page, you can indicate how many results you would like to have on each page. By default, we will show 10. Enjoy a bit more scrolling? Increase it to 20, 50 or even 100 per page! 


New styling

We have made the search results easier to interpret and scan, by moving some specific details to the "more information" section. Do notice that results can occur double, based on the specific version of the database. Use the filters on the right to find only results from the most recent versions. 


Edit and icons 

You can now edit an active impact source and choose another option, while also keeping the current selection if you cancel. And check out the icons, now indicating when you have used an elementary flow.