09-12-2022: Detail panel improvements

Version 0.9.178

Hello again, today we bring you an update to the detail panel. Keep on reading below about how we improved the Detail panel and added the option to Add another item. Last but not least, pay attention when you start or open a scenario, as we have moved the editable inventory to the left side. Luckily we also added the label Scenario, so it will be easier to recognize. 

Update to the detail panel

To make the detail panel fit its purpose, which is an on-demand active panel to create or change the details of an item, we have changed its overall styling and behavior.  Where previously the detail panel was practically always open, even when not in use, it will now only be open when you actually need it. This also means it is, in some cases, covering part of the content on the page. Our advice is to close the detail panel, and only have it open when needed. For a quick close, click in the blank space or press the Escape key. 
With these improvements, there are fewer distractions on the screen. You and anyone you show your footprints to will be able to focus on what is important, your products and life cycles! We hope you recognize the benefit of the changes. Any issues or feedback can be sent to support@ecochain.com. 

Add another item

Next to that, we have added a new feature to the detail panel when adding a sub-item. You will now find the "Add another" option, next to the usual Add item. Clicking this button will add your current item to the Inventory and start a new Add item action. This item will be added to the same level as you added to before. This way you can quickly create a list of items. 
Tip: Try using the Tab key to fill in the different fields and then press Enter to finish with either adding this item or starting another add sub-item action. 


Improvement scenarios

The scenario feature has also obtained a small improvement. We have added the Scenario and Original labels, to make it clear which is the editable scenario and which one is the original for reference. Moreover, we have moved the Scenario to the left side, instead of the right. This allows a better interaction in your mid-screen with the inventory actions and with the Detail panel when required.