10-11-2022: Active filters, improvement % and more

Version 0.9.146

In today's release, we have a few small updates. As we work agile, according to the scrum methodology, usually the whole team collaborates on a certain feature. At his time, however, our backend developers are preparing the release of Ecoinvent 3.8 and NMD 3.5. So our frontend developers were alone in their efforts to provide value to the Mobius users. Luckily they were able to do so! Below you can read more about the work they have done. 

Inventory section removed from Detail panel

This one might take a bit of time to get used to again. Now that we have added all options to modify your inventory with actions in mid-screen, we will let go of the Inventory section that was in the Detail panel. The Detail panel is now finally as it should be, containing only the descriptors of the selected product or item. All inventory-specific information and options are mid-screen.

  • To edit amount, simply click it
  • To add a sub-item, find the item (step 1.) to which it belongs and click [+]
  • To remove an item, find it in the three-dot [...] menu and click on remove item (step 2.)
  • To view an item's own inventory, click the Open item (step 3.) in the three-dot [...] menu

open remove item png

Database search active and clear filter

Searching in the database is a difficult task. Especially, because not all the items that we would need for an LCA or footprint are available. In addition, the naming of the datasets can be quite specific. To make it easier to browse the data, when you are not entirely sure yet what is available, we have several filters on the right side. With this new update every filter you add will show up as active filter, and clicking the Clear filters option on the right will clear it. 

For example, if you are looking for fruits, why not browse with some active filters? Add a database, and a region, and select a more specific category, like Growing perennial crops as in the example below. 

The Category filter can be quite useful! They are tied to the ISIC sectors. Find your sector  and browse the available datasets. You can get great insights into the availability in sectors like 'Agriculture', 'Textiles', 'Rubber and plastics', 'Metals', and 'Chemicals'. 


Custom impact is now quicker to enter and save

One small but highly requested improvement. To enter and save a custom impact previously all values had to be entered manually. A cumbersome task. Now we have prefilled the form with 0's. This way you can just enter the value of the impact category that you have available and click save. 

Improvement percentage

Another small but useful improvement for the Scenario and Comparison features. You will now see the relative improvement of the products or life cycles that are compared.

As you can see in the image below. The coconut milk on the left figure is compared to 1 kg of  coconut. The difference in global warming (GWP) is shown automatically in the Comparison feature. 

Calculated with the following formula:
Increase = [ (Final Value - Starting Value) / |Starting Value| ] × 100