10.09.2021 – v3.3.0 EPD summary update

Ecochain has updated the 'EPD summary' document including a verification statement and layout change.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) summary is a document you can quickly share with your stakeholders to inform them of the environmental impact of your product. It contains the product and company details, the LCA standard and database, and a table with the environmental impact indicator split per life cycle stage.

What have we done?

Based on your feedback we have restyled the EPD summary. We enriched it with the product verification status, the period of validity, and the verifier’s statement and signature. Additionally, the layout got an update to make it fit with the new content.

EPD summary updateExample of the EPD summary update

Verification procedure

To obtain the verified status on your EPD summary your LCA study will first have to be verified by an independent third-party verifier. When this has been done, the verification statement and the verifier’s signature can be added to the EPD summary within the Ecochain application. To do so, please contact your Environmental Specialist at Ecochain or one of our in-app verification parties like EcoReview. Once a verification statement has been added you can generate the EPD summary with the verified status and details for all covered products. 

Customized EPDs

The Ecochain EPD summary is a great tool to quickly communicate with your stakeholders. However, the formatting is default and cannot be personalized. If you plan on publishing your EPDs to a larger public we can advise your company with creating your own specific EPD’s with a custom format and style. 

More information on EPDs

Want to know more about Environmental Product Declarations? Read it on our blog post here: EPD overview