12.12.2022 - Improved scenario functionality (import)

We have improved our scenario functionality to make your life easier..!

Added A5 module in the End of life stage

It is now possible to select module A5 (Assembly / installation process) in the End of Life scenario page. This means that the waste losses for module A5 can be included since these are often required for the construction sector.   

In order to select the module A5, please go to the following:

Input > End-of-Life scenario page > Create a new scenario

In the section LCA module, you can now select module 'A5'. 

Importing scenarios

Furthermore, the import functionality for scenarios has been improved, which will save you a lot of time! Go to the scenario page and click on import to import your scenarios.

The scenario will be overwritten if the scenario name in the Excel file is identical to the name in Helix application.