16-03-2023: Fresh navigation menu

In our latest release the navigation menu got an update, to make it clean, less cluttered, and yes also better looking

The navigation menu got its long-awaited refresh 🎉. Coming weeks you will see more styling updates. Our goal is to make the look and feel of Mobius calm, smooth, and easy to comprehend. We know your job is already busy enough! Getting into the details of your product's footprint should feel like a breeze, a fun and valuable activity, for you and your colleagues. 

What has changed?

You will probably not even notice the menu got changed, you can find your products and life cycles after all. The update lies primarily in styling and in the removal of all distractions. Though valuable, these actions are only needed occasionally. They can now be found in the menu of your user and account. So are you looking for one of the following:

  • Account settings
  • User profile
  • Log out
  • Talk to an expert
  • Help Center
  • Mobius version and link to Changelog
  • Or switch account?

Have a peek at the user and account menu at the bottom of the navigation. 


Now one addition is a more prominent place for the Workspace Home. It might not seem much at this time, but an update is underway. The new workspace home will soon feature a quick list of recently edited products and life cycles for a quick start of your day. There will also be a dedicated section for the Help Center, with links to guides, articles, and tutorials on YouTube. Stay tuned for more!

The old and new look

Want to know exactly what changed and compare it to the old look? We know that feeling, have a look below and let us know what you think!  Contact us.

New                                                                              Old