20.01.2022 - v0.8.780 Life cycle update

In our latest release, we have made a few improvements to Life cycles and how they are linked to products, to enable you to use them to their full potential. Read on to learn more about the changes we made. 


Life cycles often display the continued use and end of life phase of a specific product. To indicate this we have added the option to select the main product for each life cycle. 

Life cycles that are linked to a product will show up in the list of life cycles of that product, so you can easily find the models you have made. The list can be found in the Tools menu -> Life cycle. 

In the life cycle overview the linked main products are shown. 

When creating a new life cycle you can choose a product to attach it to. Use keywords to find the product you are looking to attach to this life cycle

You can also choose to not attach the life cycle to a product yet, and start from scratch. Later on you can still attach it to a product in the Life cycle detail panel.