20.08.2021 - v0.8.674 Small holiday update

Several small updates were released during the holiday period. Read all the details below. 

Type to delete a workspace

To protect our users from accidentally removing a workspace with valuable data we have added an additional step. You will now have to type REMOVE to actually delete it. 


Removed product from flat table and bar chart

A bug occurred in the display of results in the flat table and bar chart, where it would add the total impact of the product as another data point, distorting both views. This bug has been resolved. 

EN 15804 Modules

In preparation for new features regarding visualizing and exporting data in EPD format according to the EN 15804 norm, we have added the selection of the EN 15804 Modules to our product details. 

Modules can now be assigned to the products in your inventory. 

The list of modules resembles the required format for reporting according to EN15804. By assigning a module to all final or leaf items in the inventory, i.e. the ones that are attached to a database reference or manual impact, we can sum up the total impact per module across the total inventory of your product or (building) life cycle.

In later releases, we will add these summed up impacts in EN15804 format to the impact exports and impact visuals in the application. 

Phase templates

Related to the EN15804 modules we have added several new Life cycle phase templates, so that the names of the phases in your life cycle resemble the EN15804 norm. 


Additionally, we have added a few new phase types, so that you can make your life cycle with matching icons.