20.09.2021 - v0.8.685 LCA/EPD results with EN15804 Modules

We have released the first version of visualizing your LCA/EPD impact results according to the EN15804 norm. Read on to learn more about this norm and how to retrieve the impact results in this format. This first release is only for Product impact exports, in upcoming releases we are working on the extension of Life cycles, including the structural import and export, and full impact exports. 


To comply with this norm, the LCA/EPD information needs to be expressed in modules, as they allow easy organisation and expression of data packages throughout the life cycle of the product. As can be seen in the image below the life cycle is split into the following stages; Product, Construction process, Use, End of life and Benefits and loads beyond the system boundaries. Each of the stages is split into 1 or more modules, like A1 Raw material supply, and A2 Transport. 

Assigning Modules

To help you prepare your LCA/EPD results according to this norm we allow you to assign Modules to parts of your product's inventory and export your results in the EN15804 format. 

Modules can be assigned to each of the items in your inventory. By assigning a module to all final or leaf items in the inventory, i.e. the ones that are attached to a database reference or manual impact, we can sum up the total impact per module across the total inventory of your product or (building) life cycle. 

Click a product and in the right detail panel, under the Product Details, you will find the module selection. Assigning a module to an intermediate product will overrule any modules given to products lower in the inventory tree. Use this only when all these products have indeed the same module. 

Impact results 

Once you have assigned a module to each final or leaf item, or to all intermediates, you can obtain your impact results in the EN15804 LCA/EPD format. To export results go to the Tools dropdown and click Export results. You will find your excel export in your mailbox when all impacts are calculated. Note that in this first release it will only be available to Product impact exports, not yet to Life cycle impact exports. 

In this example below, the module assigned to Recycled PE Fabric will be assigned to this intermediate product as a whole, and so to all its underlying inventory (currently hidden behind the [+]). 


Finally, this is the new tab for your LCA/EPD results in the impact export.