21.07.2021 - v0.8.638 Inventory tree impact export

You can now obtain the impact of the complete inventory tree in excel format. It will give you all the details you need to build your own tables and graphs. How do you like to display your results? Send us a chat message with an example, and we might work on an interactive version of it in Mobius!

In the next releases, we are working on the impact export for Life cycles and the option to import and export the structure of a Life cycle. Also, we will help you protect your account by implementing 2FA authentication and a regular password change check. 

In the last weeks, we have also resolved many minor issues and small bugs. If you do happen to come across one, please send us a message. 


To export a product's impact go to Tools and click Export results

You will now receive an e-mail with your Excel. 
In the Excel we have added a tab for the Inventory tree. 

Try creating a table like this by using the conditional formatting options in Excel:

And an indented tree view with this formula: