24.06.2022 - v0.9.82 Inventory actions

All your favorite actions in mid-screen

We know that working on product or life cycle inventories is your main activity in Mobius, especially when you have just started your endeavour or when you are expanding the number of footprints. So to boost your productivity ⏰ and to make it more fun 😀, we have made it easier to add an impact reference and to add and remove items. 

These actions are now available in the middle of the screen, directly where you want to add or remove an item. Simply click or hover over an item to find the [+] button to add an item below, or the option to remove this item in the […] menu. 

Clicking the item will still open the Details panel. Here you can make changes to the item in general, like its name, unit or properties. Note that these changes will apply to the item in general, and will be reflected on all inventories it is used. 
❕ The Add and Remove actions will soon be removed from the detail panel. 

The Add reference action is now also available in mid-screen. For every final item without an impact, you can just quickly click the Add reference text and find a suitable reference in the database. 

You might also notice we have changed the styling of the inventory. We hope you 💙 it as much as we do.
In upcoming releases, we will finetune the styling some more and allow to add an impact reference or change the amount directly in mid-screen. 

P.S. Did you know you can use Emojis in your product names and tags? Just copy them from a source like this and past them in your product name. Try it out!

Do you like the progress we make in developing Mobius, or would you like to give feedback and get involved 💪? Send an email to info@ecochain.com!