27-09-2022: Workflow improvements

Small update today! We want you to make sustainable impact, by allowing you to make product footprints, LCAs and their design improvements as simple and fun as possible 🌱. In this release, we have made a few workflows easier to use and understand. 

Scenario or Comparison from the overview

To improve your products and designs you need to find out what to improve; using the comparison feature you can gain insights into its hotspots compared to others. Then by starting a scenario you can quickly make changes and evaluate the results. 

You can now start a scenario or comparison directly from an item in the overview pages. Quickly find your product using the search, and in the three-dot menu start your next flow. 

Learn more about using the Comparison and Scenario features from our tutorial videos. 

Property dialogue

Feedback from our users indicated that properties are one of the most difficult elements in Mobius. They are used to transform the references and their unit, to match your item. With properties, taking for example an item Eggs, you can select a reference with property mass and unit kg, while you have defined it in pieces. Simply add the conversion between your item, 1 piece of egg, and the property Mass required for the reference; for example 60 grams per 1 piece of egg.

We have now made this step clear by adding information text to the property section and by adding a new dialogue. The dialogue will guide you in defining the conversion between your product and the reference.

You can also use properties to add more details to your product, like its Volume. In the future, we will start using properties for creating formulas and other handy calculations. 

Learn more about finding a reference and using the properties from our tutorial videos. 

Impact bars with %

A small improvement, hovering over an impact bar in the Inventory will now show its percentage share of the total. There are many more small improvements like this to be made, so keep sending your feedback and we will take it into account. 

Improvements to the reference search interface

Finally, we have made a few more improvements to the design of the reference search. It is also still one of the hardest steps in making an LCA, finding a reference from the database, or creating your own impact model. We have made a few more changes in the interface, to at least make that appealing.  

Next to that, we will be working on more helpful content in the Help Center. Have a look already at the Databases & References section and send us your ideas and feedback via chat or support@ecochain.com.