31-01-2023: Ecoinvent v3.8 and NMD v3.5

Updated versions for Ecoinvent and NMD are available in Mobius. Start using the new datasets, and update your impact method in the settings.

In today's release, we bring you a new version of our favourite databases Ecoinvent and the Dutch National Environmental Database (NMD). Each of them contains updated and new datasets to be used, like bamboo materials, a smartphone and tablet, new types of batteries, and lentils and peas 🌱. Below you can learn more about using the databases and the required update to the selected methods. 

Read more about the updated databases here:

➡️ Ecoinvent v3.8
➡️ NMD v3.5
➡️ Bepalingsmethode for NMD v3.5 and Ecoinvent v3.6

Using the new databases

You can find the new versions of the databases when adding impact to your item, under the Database search tab. Use the filters on the right to select the version you would like to use. 
➡️ Looking for a quick way to update your inventory to a new database version? Have a look here.

Selecting a new method

To have your calculations updated to the newest insights, please also select the updated versions of the methods. Currently available are the following:

- EN 15804+A2 for Ecoinvent v3.8
- EF 3.0 for Ecoinvent v3.8
- SBK Bepalingsmethode for NMD 3.5 and Ecoinvent v3.6

An updated version of the methods in the OLCA method pack will be available shortly. 

Methods can be selected from the settings of your workspace. Don't forget to do this for all workspaces you want to be updated!

We have pre-calculated the new EN15804+A2 and EF 3.0 method for Ecoinvent v3.8, and SBK Bepalingsmethode for NMD 3.5. However, other combinations will still trigger a calculation, please give it some time to calculate your impacts. 

❗For users of the SBK Bepalingsmethode, please note you are still required to use the older version of Ecoinvent v3.6 to match the new NMD v3.5 and Bepalingsmethode. Read more here. 

Next up

Coming weeks our database team will be working on a release of the updated OLCA method pack. Meanwhile, the team is also working on the Ecoinvent v3.9.1 database. This is a corrective release of Ecoinvent as they identified some issues in v3.9. 

Next to that, our product and tech team are working on the release of Mobius 1.0. Coming months you can expect further updates to the look and feel of Mobius, and to the workspace home. We will enrich the overview pages with options for organizing your products, life cycles, and objects in folders. Last but not least we will add a Results PDF export with the main insights as a fast way to share your results with peers. 

That is it for the short overview in this changelog. We do advise you to have a look at the articles linked to learn more about the databases, methods, and quick ways of updating.