Audit Projects

When you want to start an audit project with an external verifier




Navigate to the Audit projects tab

Start new audit

Start the audit project by clicking on 'start new audit project' 


Lock the desired audit year.

Select the desired type of audit

1) As a user you can select which type of audit you would like: 

  • Norm audit: an auditor's audit shows whether your data or reporting is processed in accordance with a specific standard.
  • Data audit: an audit by an accountant or auditor shows whether your data or reporting is to some extent reliable.

2) Select the scope of the audit:

  • Company: an audit at the level of a location or company.
  • Portfolio: an audit at the level of a specific product or on a portfolio of products.

3) Select the audit year (it is only possible to select locked years)

  • In case you want to audit specific products, click on 'selected products' and indicate the products you would like to get verified.

4) Select the desired LCA norm

  • The SBK Bepalingsmethode is designed specifically for the Dtuch construction sector. In case you want your products to be incorporated in the 'Nationale Milieu Database' (NMD), select this option.
  • The EN15804 is designed for the construction sector in an international context. As a non-Dutch user, select this option.

5) When finished with the selection, click 'save'.

Select an auditor

Select the auditor of your choice and either click 'Start audit' or 'Start RFQ'.

  • Start RFQ: you request the auditor for a quotation of the audit project. The auditor will not be able to access your data at this stage. 
  • Start audit: start the audit project with your selected auditor. The auditor will be given read-only access to your data. 


When starting the audit,  you will receive a confirmation that the auditor has been assigned to your project.

Finish the audit

The auditor will now inspect your account according to the norms you have selected during the application process. Once the auditor is finished, you will receive an email as confirmation. The auditor will, possibly, also attach a verification document to one or multiple products. You will be able to inspect this document in the results section of your EcoChain account (see below).

NOTE: The audited year can now be unlocked. You can change data in the application, however if you click on recalculation, the audit documents will be disconnected. Keep your data locked to ensure that audit documents are linked and visible.

Publish your verified products in the EcoChain database

In case you want to make your verified products visible for all EcoChain users, you can de-select the 'eye icon' on the left of your product name. In order to do so, go to the 'Results > Product overview' page (see above).

Once your product has been published, the item will be visible and usable for all EcoChain users. They can purchase your product in their accounts, by attaching the environmental impact of your product to the purchasing page of their account. In order for a full explanation of using LCA data in the purchasing tab of your account, visit: 1.3.1. Add materials. Or, if you are already familiar with this page, go to the purchasing tab of the account.

Click on 'add supplier' for a specific material.

When you search for the audited product, 'Beton mengsel 1' in this case, you will see your published product appear in the search screen. In case the auditor attached a verification document, in the 'Verified' column of the search bar it will state 'Yes'. The verification document is now visibly attached to your product, and downloadable for other users.