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How to make an eco-friendly scenario of your existing product in Mobius

Learn how to use Mobius for Ecodesign by making a scenario of your existing product with more eco-friendly materials. 

Ecochain Mobius has a specific feature that is built for sustainable designs. It is called the 'Product scenario' feature. This feature allows you to make a new 'design' of your existing product. You can make an alternative version or Ecodesign of your product. Basically, it makes a copy of the product, and - without alternating the original product and sub-items - it allows you to 'edit' the new design that you've created. 

Our environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen, guides you through the process of making a scenario (Eco-design) with a step-by-step video tutorial using a tutorial workspace in Mobius. 
For this tutorial, she has created a fictional product and uses it to show what happens if she changes the materials for ones that are more eco-friendly.