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How to model a product in Mobius [Extended]

This article will take you through the steps to create a product

❗Please note the Mobius application in this tutorial is outdated. We have several short tutorials available that show the new ways of working. See the links below. 

  1. Create a Workspace or select an existing Workspace
  2. Create a Product
  3. Build the inventory of the product in the Tree view by adding items and sub-items to it
  4. Link products to a database reference to obtain the environmental impact
  5. Use the following search tips to narrow down your results
    • Add a Location to your filter
    • Select a Category to search in
    • Specify your search terms: 
      • - negates a word
        steel -pipe - matches records with steel, but excluding "pipe"
      • " ..." wrap a number of words to signify a phrase for searching

        "market for tap water" 


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