14.03.2022 - v3.5.8 Environmental Profile

Ecochain renamed the 'EPD summary' to 'Environmental Profile'. In Dutch: Milieuprofiel.

We are renaming the 'EPD summary' to Environmental Profile based on feedback. The renaming is based on feedback which is explained further below.  Our previous update regarding the EPD summary was regarding the addition of a verification status, the verification statement, and the period of validity. In addition, we did a significant layout update. Read more about the previous update here.

Update October '22: Curious how you can share environmental data quickly with your customers? Find out how you use our Environmental Profile feature. 

Verification of LCA study 

To obtain the verified status on your Environmental Profile your LCA study and background report will first have to be verified by an independent third-party verifier. When this has been done, the verification statement and the verifier’s signature can be added to the Environmental Profile within the Ecochain application. To do so, please contact your Environmental Specialist at Ecochain or one of our in-app verification parties. Once a verification statement has been added you can generate the Environmental Profile with the verified status and details for all covered products. 

EPDs according to a program operator

If your organization has the ambition to create official full EPDs according to a  specific program we consider this to be a more specialized trajectory that needs tailored advice. At Ecochain our Environmental Specialist can advise you and your company with creating the right type of EPD for your market. We can help with setting up EPDs according to the available standards and Program Operators.

More information on EPDs

Want to know more about Environmental Product Declarations? Read it on our blog post here: EPD overview.

Market feedback

Ecochain has an automatic document and report functionality which previously created our 'EPD summary'. This document sums up all environmental data and shows all relevant impact categories based on the chosen LCA standard in the application. 

However, 'EPD Summary' was experienced as a confusing term or name. We have received feedback from the audiences of the document, our users and in particular several experts from the LCA field that our 'LCA result document' does not pass as an official EPD. The reason hereof is that 'EPD summary' is not published via a Program Operator and other required elements for an EPD are missing. Therefore, the decision is made to rename it, into the essence of what it is: an Environmental Profile

The Ecochain Environmental Profile is still an easy way to quickly communicate environmental data with your stakeholders. The formatting of the Environmental Profile is default and in the Ecochain house-style. Therefore, it cannot be personalized.