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Find references for common sources of electricity.

Product in database (reference) Explanation
Electricity, high voltage {NL}| market for | Alloc Rec, U MIX 2030 (according to: NMD) Vermeden elektriciteitsproductie wordt gewaardeerd, gebaseerd op “vastgesteld beleid” en het referentiejaar 2030, in plaats van op de huidige productiemix
Production mix National certified electricity production
Electricity mix Non-certified national electricity production plus non-certified import of foreign electricity, minus export of certified electricity
Electricity, low voltage < 1 kV - Households, small users, public buildings
Electricity, medium voltage 1 - 24 kV - Industrial use, companies
Electricity, high voltage >24 kV - Heavy industry
Electricity, ethanol production from sweet sorghum Sorghum = Indiaanse gierst
Hard coal Hard coal = anthracite
Electricity, allocation exergy Exergy, see:
Electricity, at fermentation plant Fermentation = vergisting
Electricity, at micro gas turbine 100kWe Gas turbine:
Electricity, gas motor Gas motor = gas engine:
Electricity, at PEM fuel cell 2kWe PEM fuel cell:
Electricity, at SOFC-GT fuel cell 180 kWh SOFC-GT fuel cell:
Electricity, at cogen unit 3kWhe Cogeneration, see:
Electricity, at distillery Distillation of wood??? Check
Electricity, lignite lignite: brown coal
Blast furnace gas
Coke oven gas
Geothermal, deep well closure Closing a well
Geothermal, deep well, drilled well available for geothermal energy
Geothermal, stimulation, deep well
Geothermal power plant, Hot-Dry-Rock
Hydropower, run-of-river power plant
Hydropower, pumped storage plant
Hydropower, reservoir power plant Hydroelectricity using a dam:
Electricity, nuclear power plant, boiling water reactor (BWR)
Nuclear power plant, pressure water reactor
Photovoltaic, facade installation Installation on outside of building
Photovoltaic, flat roof installation Installation on flat roof
Photovoltaic, slanted roof installation Slanted-roof = schuin dak
Photovoltaic, multi-Si
Photovoltaic, mono-Si
Photovoltaic, ribbon-Si
Photovoltaic, a-Si
Photovoltaic, CdTe
Photovoltaic, CIS
Photovoltaic, laminated PV - without frame
Photovoltaic, mounted PV - installed (with frame and balance-of-system)
Photovoltaic, integrated
Wind power plant, fixed parts Fixed parts: tower and base and their disposal
Wind power plant, moving parts Moving parts: Rotor, nacelle, electric parts and their disposal