How to export results of your Product Footprint in Mobius

Use the 'Export results' feature to analyse your product further. This feature allows you to make graphs, diagrams, or create a hotspot analysis yourself.

In the ‘Inventory Builder’ article, you learned how to build your product’s LCA model in Mobius. If you want to make an extensive analysis, using your own diagrams you can easily 'Export results' under the ‘Tools’ button. The export will be sent to your email directly.

The export file consists of five tabs: the Calculation Setup, Inventory tree, Flat table, EPD, and Total. The tabs contain different information. Let’s explain more for each tabs.

1. Calculation setup: In this tab you will see the general information about your products like the workspace, exported date, account name, product, and impact assessment method.

2. Inventory Tree: The tabs consists of every impact category that is available in Mobius. Keep in mind that the subitems and their amounts below are summed up in the objects above. For instance, polyamide yarn in the picture below has level 4. It consists of electricity and polyamide fibres and are in level 5. The total amount for abiotic depletion of polyamide yarn is the sum up of electricity and polyamide fibres (see the green box).

3. Flat Table: This tab is the aggregated number of your LCA model of all items that have an impact. To simply put, this tab only presents the summed up items of all combined layers. See picture below as an example.

In the picture, you will only see the total electricity used in the model, water, bleach, etc. This tab is straightforward and it allows you to make a hotspot analysis on a raw material level of your model.

4. EPD: This tab will be likely empty because you would first need to add specific modules which can be set in the Product Details. There will be an extra explanation about the module in another article and video later on.

5. Total: This tab presents the total of your impact categories in your product’s LCA. See the picture below.

Concluding, the 'Export results' file allows you to make your own analysis using the different tabs. The step-by-step video about the 'Export results' feature contains a more detailed explanation, our environmental specialists, Emma, will guide you in the video below.