01.10.2021 - v0.8.695 Import and export of all properties

In our newest release, we have added the full list of properties to the export and import feature. You can now be sure that all product inventory data is added to a workspace when you perform the import.

In upcoming releases, we are working on the export Life cycle inventories and more impact exports. 

Want to know more about importing? Read on below!

To export a product's inventory go to Tools dropdown and click "Download product". 

The Excel will appear in CSV format. Open it and choose the "Text to Columns" to convert it to a table. You will now have the complete inventory with all properties. 

When preparing a file for import you can remove columns of properties you will not need. 
New products can be added to the import by adding them with level 1. The import below will create  4 new products. Make sure to always include the columns for Level, Name, and Amount as these are obligatory fields for the import. 

When your file is ready you can go to the Products page and click the Import products. Here you can also read more about each of the columns in the import file. Select your file and your import is ready. 

⚠️Please note that the newly imported inventory will overwrite existing data. For example amounts, unit names, and property values

⚠️Changes in a product's name are recognized as a new product. Changing a product's name is only possible in the detail panel.