How did we come up with the name Ecochain Helix?

This article explains how we came up with the name Ecochain Helix.

Ecochain Helix and Ecochain Mobius

We offer two distinct LCA software products: Ecochain Helix and Ecochain Mobius. Both are perfect tools to create a Life Cycle Assessment of a product. But they serve different needs.

Ecochain Helix: this application allows manufacturing companies, that need insights on their sustainability performance at a company, process and product level, to generate and report LCAs in bulk.

Ecochain Mobius: helps product designers measure, compare, and design more sustainable products.

Why Ecochain Helix?

The name helix originates from a mathematical shape. In general, the helix shape is better known when we look into our DNA. In our DNA, a double helix is present. A double helix is the biological term that describes the overall structure of our DNA and this resembles a linked chain.

Ecochain Helix’s purpose is to measure the environmental impact of your company and its products, whereby Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used as the scientific backbone to generate environmental impact calculations. In our DNA the Helix also has a (phosphate) backbone present.

As DNA also forms a chain, this ties into a key functionality of the software, as it provides the possibility of making connections within your supply chain. Whereby you can share environmental data between companies and accounts without sharing confidential information.

Integrate sustainability in the DNA of your company by using Ecochain Helix.

Ecochain Helix provides multi-leveled insights on the environmental impact of your production facility. In addition, Ecochain Helix also allows you to report on these key sustainability aspects, such as: the environmental performance of your products, product portfolio, processes and the impact on a company level. With it's unique features we believe that our LCA software can enable you to better integrate sustainability into the DNA of your company. 

Due to the similarities with the functionality of a helix in our DNA. Creating chains and enabling change. We found that the name Helix fits well with our LCA software.