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Overview of Mobius using T-shirt demo

Navigate easily through Mobius by using the Product Overview and Object Library.

Do you need help with navigating through Mobius?

In this video tutorial Emma Thunnissen shows us the Product Overview and Object Library using the T-shirt demo. This is a workspace that every account in Mobius has. Emma will help you navigate and find your way around our Product Footprint tool. 


Mobius provides several functionalities that are relevant to navigate through your workspace. In the Product Overview and Object Library you can use:

  • Sorting
  • Filters
  • Tags & Favorites 

Sorting: how do you sort your products? You can use different types of views: list view and card view.

Filters: in Mobius you can use filters to search more effectively. You can filter products based on type: end-products, inputs, intermediate, and waste. 

Tags: also allow you to filter products and objects. Find out more about tags here: filtering with tags.

Make products your favorite product by marking it with a ⭐. This will give the selected product or object a more prominent place in your product overview.