Previous updates Ecochain Helix

3.1.1 – 11.06.2021

You can now bulk remove Use and End of Life scenarios from products; The Environmental Costs Indicator (in Dutch: Milieukostenindicator) is displayed in Euro values on the EPD summary.

2.7.4 – 3.3.2021

Scenario’s 1-6 are added to the years to enable improvements scenario’s per year. Results statistics company allows comparison with scenario’s. Scope 1, 2, 3 up- and downstream. Results statistics scope has a simple pie chart of scope 1, 2, 3. In addition the sunburst (also known as donut) diagram is added to dive into detail with the scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. We added a corresponding legend.

2.7.0 - 01.12.2020

GHG protocol reporting with scope 1,2,3 emissions and selection of top 10 hotspots.  Full life cycle view for products including use and end-of-life phases. Updated purchasing page: ability to bulk delete suppliers and materials. 


2.6.0 – 02.07.2020

Ecoinvent version 3.5 is now available in Ecochain! Both Purchasing and Usages & Emissions now contain the new version of Ecoinvent, with impacts according to the calculation method “SBK Bepalingsmethode version 3.1”. The impacts associated with the calculation method “ReCiPe” are following soon.

The Dutch National Database (NMD) version 3.1 is now available in Ecochain, in both Purchasing and Usages & Emissions!

2.6.0 – 10.09.2019

Exports of product results with scenarios now only show the relevant scenario data

2.6.0 – 10.07.2019

The search function on the purchasing page has been improved. Now even search queries with only two symbols will show results

2.5.1. – 18.06.2019

It is now possible to add Module D in the end-of-life scenarios of Ecochain!
Materials spared (Dutch: “uitgespaard”) in module D can now be found in the End of Life database and negative contributions can be added to indicate their positive impact in module D.
Also, if energy is spared in module D, it is possible to add more than 100% of this process, in cases where than 1 MJ/kWh is spared per kg of waste material.

2.5.1. – 28.05.2019

EPD summaries can now be exported both in English and Dutch

2.5.1 – 23.05.2019

Results in EPD summaries (exports) now show the same amount of decimals as is selected under user settings – “Regional preferences” (regiovoorkeuren).
This setting can be found by clicking the gear wheel in the top right corner in Ecochain.

2.5.1 – 20.05.2019

It is now possible to generate more than 15 EPD summaries or reports at the same time (although more than 50 EPD summaries might result in very long waiting times)

2.5.1 – 03.05.2019

The CO2-prestatieladder 2019 is now available in Ecochain!

2.1.5 – 23.04.2019

The Nationale Milieudatabase version 3.0 is now available in Ecochain!