14.09.2023 - Technical issue: Process x Product page shows invalid results

The process x product page shows 0 values if you manually edit composition.

UPDATE 21/9/2023 - This is not an issue anymore. And it's working as intended.



The distribution in the process x product page shows 0 values (shown in blue) if

1. Custom distribution method (shown in red) is chosen

2. Composition is changed manually (shown in orange) in the composition page. If you import an Excel file, then it doesn't matter.

Am I affected?

- Did you use custom distribution method in process x product?

- Did you manually change the composition of a product?

If you answered both questions with a yes, then it would be good to follow one of the workarounds below.

If you answered one of these questions with a no, then this doesn't apply to you and you can continue to work as usual.


Workaround 1 - Import and export products

1. Change composition in the composition page

2. Export products (purple) from the product page

3. Import the same product file in the product page.


Workaround 2 - Edit composition using Excel import

1. Export composition file from the composition page

2. Make change in Excel

3. Import composition file in the composition page



14.09.2023 - We are working hard on fixing this issue and will keep you updated on the process.

21.09.2023 - Issue has been resolved. There is no need to work with workarounds.