Mobius | Update database version using imports

If you have an LCA model based on a previous Ecoinvent version and you want to update to the new version, pay attention to this step-by-step tutorial!

  1. Step: Download Ecoinvent's correspondence file using this link. This file contains a list of all Ecoinvent datasets in Mobius, as well as their UUID for each corresponding Ecoinvent version. 
    1. For NMD database users: download NMD's correspondence file using this link.
  2. Step: Export your product or object from Mobius, using "Tools/Download product":

  3. Step: Product is downloaded in a csv format file.
  4. Step: In excel, open csv file. *Before opening the csv remember:
    1. Make sure you have English settings while opening this csv, or use the import function of excel. Otherwise, the values might get distorted. Article about adding CSV data in Excel

  5. Step: The image below shows an example of an export file in excel, with Ecoinvent v3.5 datasets. The first row contains product's information, while rows below contain metadata of the objects inside. Columns G-H contain the information about the Ecoinvent dataset linked to the object.

  6. Step: In 'blue', we have dataset-UUIDs from Ecoinvent v3.5. We can then update datasets to Ecoinvent v3.6 using an XLOOKUP formula in excel. The formula searches v3.5-UUID in the correspondence file and delivers its v3.6-UUID. Download example here, to see the formula.
  7. Step: Once new v3.6-UUIDs are inserted in the column H, delete dataset names from column G.
  8. Step: Then copy/paste the new export file in a new excel book without formulas (Paste special/values).
  9. Step: Save the excel file as CSV (comma delimited) and import to Mobius.
  10. Step: Go to the workspace home and update your impact method to a new version in the Workspace Settings. 
  11. Step: Have a look at your product to request any new calculations. 

More help:

➡️ Do you have many products?

  • First make a product that contains all your other products. This will allow you to export and import it all at once. Then replace the dataset IDs, as shown above. 

➡️ Do you want to keep the old version of the product with the previous database version?

  • Change all names of the items in the excel, for example by adding the new version to the name "v3.6". This way the product and its inventory items will be created new, and your existing product will remain untouched. 
  • Or manually use the Scenario functionality, to create a new version for your product and change the references while in Scenario mode. 

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