12-04-2023: Folders for Products and Objects

Get your workspace organized with Folders

We are happy to introduce to you our newest feature for Mobius, Folders! This feature was high on the wishlist of many users, and with some hard work from our development team, we are proud to finally provide it to you. Want to learn how to use folders effectively? Read on below!

Organize your products and objects

With folders, you can organize your products and objects as you see fit. You can clean up the long list of items on the overview pages. Make it easier for yourself and colleagues with whom you collaborate to find back a specific item. Or categorize them into groups so you have a better grasp on what you have. Build up your portfolio of product footprints and LCAs, and with better-organized objects, it will be easier to reuse what you have and create models faster. Enabling you to make a sustainable impact 🌱. 
Get inspired:

Create and manage folders

On the product and object overview pages, you will now find a button to create folders, on the right side. 

Simply give your folder a name. Using the create folder option while inside a folder, will create the folder there. 

To manage your folders after their creation, find the three-dot menu in the top right corner of your folder. Here you can find the option to change the name, delete or move your folder to a different location. Note that when you delete a folder we will not delete its contents but just move them a location upwards. No harm done!

Move items inside a folder

When you have folders on your product and object overview pages you can start moving products, objects, and other folders inside them. Use the three-dot menu of an item you want to move and find the "Move to folder" option. A pop-up will appear where you can select the folder to move the item to. Do you have more folders inside a folder? Simply click it to navigate around your list of folders until you find the correct location. 
There is also the option to move it back to the main overview, by using the "Move to overview" button. And lastly, don't forget you can move any object to the product overview and vice versa, using the option in the three-dot menu. 

Searching, filtering and favourites

With the new folders in place, we have also updated the behavior of searching and filtering. We do not want you to lose track of any products or objects while they are inside a folder. Therefore the search and filters work throughout any folder and will return your results even inside a folder. 

Favourites are highlighted products and objects and will keep their place on top of your lists, even when you have moved them inside a folder. This should help to keep them close, so you can easily continue where you left off with your favourites.