Adding product losses in scenarios

Connect product losses to your products for a complete life cycle overview.

What is it?

Add product losses to your products to complete a full life cycle.

Consider this scenario where a concrete factory has two phases: a production and an assembly phase.

Assuming 10% waste is generated during assembly, this company would have to add 10% materials, 10% processes, and 10% transport to the initial production phase.

This extra waste can now be selected for different phases of the life cycle. You can easily add a product loss scenario to your products. 

How to add product loss?

Step 1. Go to End-of-Life scenario page

Navigate to Input > Use & EoL stage > End-of-Life scenario or click on this link

Step 2. Click on 'Create new scenario'

Step 3. Fill in the name for the template and assign an LCA module

Step 4. Go to the product losses section and click on ´Add´

Step 5. Fill in the product loss percentage, select scenario templates and click on ´Add´

The impact of the selected scenarios is multiplied by the given product loss percentage. The production phase (A1-A3) is always selected. This impact is added together and allocated to the LCA module defined in step 3.  


Step 6. Click on ´Save´ to confirm the change

Step 7. Add end-of-life scenario

Click on the products tab, select your products, and add End-of-Life scenario to your products

Step 8. Connect the template to products

Select your template (i.e. Product losses) and click on Add

You now have added product losses to your products.