Ecochain Helix Tutorials

Video tutorials that help you use the Ecochain platform independently and allow you to create your own company, process, and product footprint.

This page is a placeholder for all video tutorials that are currently available for Ecochain Helix. Our Environmental Intelligence platform. 

Overview of the Ecochain Helix platform

Understanding how to navigate through Ecochain is a good starting point. If you are new to the Ecochain platform please start with the following video tutorial that answers: How do you easily navigate through Ecochain?



Once you have viewed the first video, try the video tutorials below regarding data entry on a Company, Process or Product level in Ecochain.

Input - 1. Company Level

Where do you enter company data, such as energy, materials and transport?  


How and what data do you enter on the Usages & Emissions page?


How do you add materials to the purchasing page?


The following video explains how you can enter the environmental databases available in Ecochain Helix. Answering two questions in one video:

1. How do you access and search in the environmental databases in Ecochain? 
2. How do you add an LCA reference to your materials?

Input - 2. Process Level

There is extensive documentation available regarding this step in Ecochain Helix. Please read our other pages in this Knowledge Base and learn how to set up this page: 2. Process Level.

The following video shows you how to add production processes in Ecochain Helix. Afterward, you should be able to enter your own production processes. 


Do you want to learn how to allocate your Usages & Emissions processes?

Learn more about it in the Footprint x Process video tutorial below.

Input - 3. Product Level

This section is all about entering and removing data on the Product page in Ecochain. Manage your product and production details and watch our tutorials on this subject.  

How do you manually add products to the product page? 


Do you want to bulk enter data in Ecochain Helix?  Learn how to start using the import functionality.


How do you quickly remove your product data?  Learn to use the delete button on the product page


How to enter your composition data (bill of material) in Ecochain Helix? Learn how to enter the composition or Bill-of-Materials (BoMs) in Ecochain Helix

How do you use the import functionality on the compositions page? 

With this feature you can quickly enter your compositions in bulk to Ecochain Helix.

Results | Statistics

Ecochain provides insights into the environmental impact of your company, production processes, and products all in one place. Analyzing results and understanding them is paramount. By better understanding the end results of an LCA we can empower you to make a more sustainable impact. The following video tutorials try to answer the next questions: 

  1. How do I get insights into the environmental impact of my product?
  2. How can I view different impact categories?
  3. How do I get an overview of the full life cycle of my product?

You can answer these questions for your specific situation by using the 'Results | statistics' page and select "Product level". 


How do you benchmark and compare the footprint of products in the results section?


How do you easily search and compare products in the product portfolio? 

At Ecochain we are currently in the phase of developing more video tutorials. If you want to have your questions answered via a video tutorial please let us know via: