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How do I use the scenario feature in Mobius?

Learn how to make a product scenario in Ecochain Mobius

Once you have modeled your first product LCA or Product Footprint in Mobius, we assume that you might want to learn how to start by making actual product improvements.

The 'Scenario' feature allows you to develop different product scenarios. Underneath the green button 'Tools' it is the first option in the dropdown menu. This enables you to make an ecodesign of your product.

Making a 'product scenario' of your first modeled product is a very easy and efficient option to make a new (eco)design of your product. Hopefully with less impact!

What does the scenario feature do?

The 'Scenario' feature makes a copy of your product and the sub-items that you adjust will also be dubbed [subitem name + copy]. Thus, a new subitem is automatically created and will be listed in your 'Object library'. 

The following product tutorial for Ecochain Mobius dives into the topic of making a product scenario. Hosted by Environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen. In this video she takes us along the 'Scenario' feature, highlighting the ecodesign possibilities of Ecochain Mobius. 

❗Please note the scenario product or life cycle is now on the left, instead of on the right as in the video.