What's new in Ecoinvent v3.8

Ecoinvent v3.8 is now available in Ecochain Mobius and Helix. Compared to the previous versions, new and updated data for a variety of sectors has become available with this update.

New datasets in Ecoinvent v3.8

Over 300 new datasets were added, and 700 datasets have been updated with more recent and accurate data.

The electricity data of most countries have been updated to that of 2018 and a handful of chemical and plastic datasets have been updated. Datasets for metals including scarce and critical metals, as well as the iron ore supply chain have also been adjusted. Transport by air freight has been adjusted to a more accurate representation of fuel consumption. Some other new agricultural products (lentils), forestry products (bamboo), and electronics (smartphones and tablets) have been added.

Further information can be found on the ecoinvent website.

Updating references

It is recommended to use updated references for any new projects.

Please note that different versions of references can have different impacts for processes with the same name due to different background datasets, and therefore comparing models with different versions of ecoinvent is not possible and may be misleading. 

➡️How to update to a new database using imports