Nationale Milieudatabase (NMD) v3.5

Background information om NMD, method to choose and what's new

The NMD database is an LCI database developed by the Dutch National Environmental Database Foundation. Created to facilitate an unambiguous calculation of the environmental performance of construction works in the Dutch context. The database covers a wide range of building materials and construction-related services. It is therefore targeted for companies calculating LCAs in the Dutch construction sector.

Which LCIA method I choose?

➡️ When using NMD v3.5 database, the method "SBK Bepalingsmethode 3.5 (Ecoinvent v 3.6 Cut-Off)"  must be selected. For more information on Bepalingsmethode: visit this page.

Can I use NMD v3.5 and Ecoinvent v3.8 in the same model?

➡️No, you can't. As its previous versions, NMD v3.5 is still based on Ecoinvent v3.6. Thus, to ensure consistency in the model NMD v3.5 datasets must always be combined with Ecoinvent v3.6, and not any other version.

What is new in the database?

In both Mobius and Helix, NMD v3.5 is released as an update of NMD v3.3, skipping NMD v3.4. ➡️ Here we enlist the most important changes:

  • Update of several datasets to provide ‘Set 2’ impacts based on En15804+A2 method.
  • New datasets included in NMD v3.4:
    • De Cloedt, sea sand (4 extraction locations)
    • Spenner cement, c1 (16 types previously added in May 2020; now also with ‘set 2’)
    • Concrix fiber, Contec, c1
    • Fibrofor Diamond, Contec, c1
    • eco2cem, Ecocem, Moerdijk, c1
  • New datasets included in NMD v3.5:
    • Dyckerhoff (only contains 'set 1')
    • Urbanite® (AEC-Granulate), Blue Phoenix Group (A1-3), c1
    • Fillers Wigras, Wigro (5x) & Winfill
    • Spenner lime c1 (2x): milled & lump
    • Prestressing steel, Nedri Prestressing steel, c1
    • Reinforcing steel - VWN (A1-3) c2
    • Phoenix cement; 'set 2' added (3 pieces)
    • Steel Federation; 'set 2' added (16 pieces)
  • Rectifications:
    • CEM I 52.5 N (tu), Spencer, Erwitte, c1 en
    • CEM III/A 52.5 N, Spencer, Duisburg, c1
  • The following changes have been made to the generic data:
    • 0412 and 0413 adjusted on indication Nibe (October 2021).
    • Added PCR asphalt 2.0 profiles processes (crude oil, bitumen, fillers, biogas)
    • 0273-reD&Module D, flat glass (incl. raw material eq.)
    • 0402-fab&AEC-bottom ash, washed ==>only leaching left (reprocessing=previous cycle)

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