How to organize your workspace in Mobius?

Learn the various ways to better organize your workspace in Mobius for the best user experience.

The overview page in Mobius might look a bit overwhelming after you've modeled a good amount of products. There are several ways to better organize your workspace, such as: selecting different views, marking products as a favorite, and giving products a tag. 
Our environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen, guides you through these functionalities step-by-step in the tutorial video below.


How do you manage your workspace on Mobius?

  • In Mobius, you can use the ‘product library’ and ‘object library’ to organize your workspace. The products library consists of the products you sell, while the 'Object library' consists of the materials and manufacturing process of your products.
  • For example, if you want to model a glass water bottle. The water bottle consist of a glass material with plastic material bottle cap. So, what you can do is:
    • Create a water bottle product by clicking 'create a product' in the product overview;
    • Add a new item underneath the product ‘water bottle’ do this by using the + sign next to the product name in the product’s Inventory. Name the new item: bottle cap; 
    • In addition, your product does not only consist of materials. You also want to add manufacturing processes such as water use, energy use, transport, etc. Entering such an object is also a way of structuring your product. These new items will become objects (or subitems). Once you have added objects or new items to a product, they will automatically show as an item on your object library. 
  • You can also star your products, so you can easier find your main products if you have product variants.
  • On the ‘Object library' page, you also can manage your objects by categorizing them as ‘manufacturing processes’ and ‘materials’. Use the tag functionality to do this.

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