How do you use life cycle phases in Mobius?

Learn about the different life cycle phases and stages in Mobius and how to use them.

A brief introduction on how to use life cycle phases and stages in Mobius. Making an LCA can be done according to a multitude of standards. Dependent on your industry or sector you will have to generate your Product Footprint (LCA) in the right format and structure.

Specifically for the construction sector, the EN15804+A2:2019 is the standard to adhere to. In the Dutch construction sector, you will have to compose your LCA according to the NMD Bepalingsmethode. Both standards can be selected when using the 'Life cycle phases' feature. You can select specific life cycle 'templates' according to these standards. They allow you to choose the right structure which you can use to model your product's LCA. 
Our environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen, guides you through this process with a step-by-step video tutorial by using a tutorial workspace in Mobius. 
For this tutorial she has created a fictional product and shows the different life cycles she could attach to it.