Using tags to organize your workspace

This article explains how you can use tags in Mobius to organize your workspace.

In Mobius the workspace is split up in different overviews for products, life cycles and objects. This is done to have a structured and organized workspace, whereby the main focus is on your end products. However, once you model your product footprint with all components and materials it can still look and feel unorganized. That's why we have implemented tags. To create a flexible and appealing way of organizing your workspace. 

Did you already organize your workspace by adding tags to your products and objects? If not, now is a good time! In the video tutorial we explain how you can create tags and use them in the card and list view. Next to that, you can also use the filter to find products and objects based on their tag. 

Have fun creating tags and keep your workspace tidy 😉!

Below this video an additional example in text and images is provided. 


In the example below, you can see we have created several tags to organize our products. For example Energy, Material, Plastic, Transport, Yarn, you name it. Do you want to have an overview of all your Yarn and Fabric? Just select them in the tag filter. 

You also use tags in the list view and filter by using tags.