How does the Inventory Builder work?

Learn to build up and structure your product model effectively with the Inventory Builder.

What is the Inventory Builder and why is it important? 

If you are building a LCA model of your product in Mobius, you use the Inventory Builder. The Inventory Builder is a Mobius feature that also allows you to structure your product. This feature allows you to build your product by adding layers, removing layers, and adding impact on each layer. Therefore, it helps you structure the inventory of your product and the Bill-of-Materials of the product.

For example, if you want to model cotton yarn, you can use the Inventory Builder as shown in the picture below.

From the picture above, you see the plus (+) number, three dots, and add impact. The three buttons give a menu and will help you to add and remove layers. The 'add impact' opens up our database search. You can search and find the right dataset impact of your material or manufacturing process.

1. How to add layers? This can be done with the subitems button by using the + sign. For instance, when you are creating a wooden table, you can add layers underneath your ‘wooden table’ layer by clicking the subitems button

2. How to remove layers? You can click the three buttons next to the + sign in the layers to remove the unwanted layers. Yet, this item will remain available in the objects library.

3. How to add impact? If you have a structure in place, you can add impact by clicking on the ‘add impact’ button. Start your search and select the right dataset and reference using the database search.

Our Environmental Specialist, Emma Thunnissen, will guide you through the functionalities of the Inventory Builder in the video tutorial below.

Learn more about adding materials and components to your product in the next article: adding subitems and objects.