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How do you compare products in Mobius?

Learn how to compare products in Ecochain Mobius.

The Comparison feature in Ecochain Mobius allows you to effectively compare the environmental impact of two different products, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make more sustainable decisions. This article covers the following questions:

  1. What is the Comparison feature?
  2. What are the steps to creating a product comparison?
  3. Next steps.

Don't feel like reading an article? Watch a video tutorial on this subject instead!

What is the Comparison feature?

The Comparison feature aids in assessing and understanding the different environmental impacts of two products or product designs. In doing so, the tool offers insights into the 'hotspots', or areas of greatest environmental impact of your products, emphasizing areas where adjustments can be made to enhance overall sustainability. This functionality is crucial for making informed decisions during the product design phase.

What are the steps to creating a product comparison?

Learn how to create product comparisons:

  1. Access the Comparison feature: Find the Tools menu in the top right of your Product inventory, and select Compare products (Figure 1).
    Figure 1: How to access the Comparison feature in Mobius.
  2. Select products for comparison: Choose the second product with which you want to compare the product that you are currently viewing (Figure 2). 

    Screenshot 2024-01-24 164415

    Figure 2: How to start a comparison in Mobius.

  3. Analyze environmental impact: Explore the identified 'hotspots' (i.e., areas of greatest environmental impact) and differences in environmental impact between the selected products.
    1. Change the impact category: Select the impact category that suits your interests by choosing from the impact categories in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the dashboard (Figure 3).
    2. Explore the different views: Choose between the Model, Table, Bar Chart, and Donut Chart to help visualize the differences between the two products.

    Screenshot 2024-01-22 164005

    Figure 3: How to change the impact category in Mobius.

    Watch Emma explain these concepts in our tutorial: 

    Next steps

    The Comparison feature in Mobius serves as a great tool for understanding the environmental intricacies between your products. By recognizing key impact areas, strategic decisions can be made to enhance the sustainability of your designs.

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