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Model your product by adding subitems or objects

Learn how to enter subitems or objects for your product in Mobius. Create easy structures within your product's Inventory.

Our environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen, guides you through the process of adding a subitem to your product with a step-by-step video tutorial. For this tutorial she has created a fictional product and shows how to add subitems. She also discusses how to give structure to your product's Inventory by adding subitems (in multiple levels) and the different units and types you can choose from.
In Mobius we call subitems 'Objects'.  We have an extended article that explains the difference between Products & Objects.
In short, objects are new items that you add to the product. They can be materials, manufacturing processes, semi-finished products, or anything you like for that matter. But mainly they are the components that built up your product. Objects are 'reusable' building blocks of your Product LCA. 


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