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Mobius - How to: Import data in bulk
Mobius - How to: Import data in bulk

Learn to work more efficiently using the import functionality in Ecochain Mobius!

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In Mobius, you can streamline your workflow by importing products using a CSV file. This article guides you through the import-export format and demonstrates how to efficiently import multiple products into your model by answering the following questions:

  1. Why import data in bulk?

  2. How to structure products based on your bill-of-materials?

  3. How to import data in bulk?

Don't feel like reading an article? Watch a video tutorial on this topic instead!

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Why import data in bulk?

The import feature in Mobius enables you to enhance productivity by leveraging Excel. Whether you have multiple products or want to expedite calculations, the import feature is your ally.

How to structure products based on your bill-of-materials?

You will see your product structure when you have retrieved your downloaded CSV file. If you want to add more products in the CSV file, you can easily add the other product Bill-of-materials in the file with Mobius format.

For instance, you have a cotton T-shirt. And you would like to add another T-shirt in the model with an organic cotton material. So, you can easily copy-paste your new bio-cotton T-shirt underneath the previous cotton T-shirt data (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Structuring your products based on your bill-of-materials in Mobius.

Caution - Product importing and naming: In Mobius, everything is linked. If we use the same name, the data will be overwritten. Therefore, if you want to upload another product in the model you must use a different name. For instance, you could name it with a specific name such as "T-shirt (Organic Cotton)" although it has the same manufacturing processes as the other product.

How to import data in bulk?

Our environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen, will walk you through the step-by-step process of importing bulk data in the video below. By following Emma's guidance, you'll master the art of importing multiple products efficiently, ensuring seamless integration into your Mobius model.

Video tutorial

Watch Emma explain these concepts in our tutorial:

Next Steps

The import feature in Mobius empowers you to streamline your workflow and expedite product modeling. By structuring your products with the Bill-of-Materials and leveraging the import functionality, you can enhance productivity and drive sustainability efforts effectively.

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