Working faster by importing data in bulk in Mobius

Work more efficiently in Mobius with 'Import' functionality!

In Mobius, we have an 'import' feature that allows you to import your product using a CSV file. You will learn more about the import-export format in this article.


Please keep in mind! In Mobius, everything is linked. If we use the same name, the data will be overwritten. Therefore, if you want to upload another product in the model you need to have a different name. For instance, you could name it with a specific name such as "T-shirt (Organic Cotton)" although it has the same manufacturing processes as the other product.


Get started!

The import features help you to work faster and more efficiently using Excel. Do you have multiple products? And you want to calculate them quickly and efficiently? Let us show you how to use our import feature. So, how does it work?


Structure your products based on your Bill-of-Materials

You will see your product structure when you have retrieved your downloaded CSV file. If you want to add more products in the CSV file, you can easily add the other product Bill-of-materials in the file with Mobius format.

For instance, you have a cotton T-shirt. And you would like to add another T-shirt in the model with an organic cotton material. So, you can easily copy-paste your new bio-cotton T-shirt underneath the previous cotton T-shirt data, see the picture below.


Our environmental specialist, Emma Thunnissen, will guide you through importing bulk data step-by-step in the video below.