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Subscriptions & Payment

Manage your subscription and payment by credit card yourself, use Mobius directly and pause on a monthly basis

The full pricing and packages for Mobius can be viewed on the website. Schedule a talk with our sales team to obtain the Business and Enterprise packages. The Professional package can be purchased with monthly billing directly in Ecochain Mobius or via sales with annual billing. For students, there is also a subscription available on the Mobius Billing page. 

Trial period

Each new account has a 14-day trial period. If you do need more time to consider purchasing the tool, do not hesitate to contact sales

Purchasing a subscription

Adding a subscription to your account in Mobius is quick and easy.

First, go to the settings of your account and to the Billing & Subscriptions tab. Here you can view the options. Select the one that best fits your situation. 

Subcription edit

You will be asked to provide your Customer details and Billing Address. Also do not forget to select 'Business Account' if you are a business. The Dutch VAT/Tax identification can be left out for non-Dutch companies. Click Continue. 

On the next screen, our payment provider Stripe offers your payment by Credit card. Review on the left the price, which is per user in the account. On the right side enter your or your company's credit card details and press Subscribe. 

After payment has been received you will see your current plan in the Settings, Billing & Subscriptions tab. Here you can change the plan if required, and review your number of users and the current total amount of Ecoinvent references used. You can also change the billing customer, address, and credit card at any time. 

Canceling or Pausing a subscription

You can cancel the subscription at any time on a monthly basis. As you pay in advance for the next month, for example from 05.03.2022 to 05.04.2022, you can also cancel it in this period so that you will not get an invoice for next month. After canceling a subscription you will still have access until the end of the billing period, in the example 05.04.2022. 

We will keep your account safe and intact for you to come back to any time later. Simply come back and purchase a subscription to start using Mobius again and continue where you left off. Basically canceling a subscription can be seen as a temporary pause as we will not delete your work. 


That is it, we hope you enjoy using Ecochain Mobius!