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The following overview is a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions by our Mobius prospects and customers. Click on a toggle to expand a question to view the answer. Don't see an answer to your question? Send an email to [email protected] and we will be with you shortly.

Free Trial & Pricing

What can I do in the Mobius free trial?

The Mobius free trial is intended for you, as a user, to learn how our LCA software works. You're able to create a first product LCA with no strings attached & no credit card details are required!

We have many diverse resources available to help guide you through your trial.

Consider taking a look, or making use of the following resources

  1. Apple Pie Exercise: Practice conducting a first cradle-to-gate LCA!

  2. Take a look at the templates we have directly available for you on the Mobius workspace homepage. Choose from 10+ templates, covering various industries, and get started quickly with modeling your product's impact! Read more about templates.

  3. Video tutorials, and articles on the most important aspects of Mobius

  4. Our Academy has a free LCA Beginners course!

  5. We also offer in-person Mobius Onboarding Training for paying customers.

Mobius works the same way during the free trial as when you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. There are two exceptions to this:

  1. The free trial is limited to 14 days. When the free trial ends, you can still log in to Mobius, but you won’t be able to view any of your modeled products or life cycles. You can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription directly in-app for Mobius with a credit card.

  2. You have a limited number of LCI datasets available from the Ecoinvent database. You are limited to 25 Ecoinvent datasets. There is an aggregated counter that tracks how many Ecoinvent datasets you have used over time. Further, you cannot remove or delete your selected Ecoinvent datasets and replace them with other datasets during your free trial. You can, however, use other LCI databases available in Mobius (e.g., ELCD 3.2 (GreenDelta), Nationale Milieudatabase (Dutch), and the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) v2.0 Database) with no limits.

How do I know how many datasets I have used during my trial?

In order to view the amount of ecoinvent datasets that you have used, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account settings environment (image 1)

  2. Check the Billing & Subscription tab

  3. View the counter that indicates how many datasets you have used in the bottom right of your screen (image 2). In the example below, 20 out of 25 ecoinvent datasets have been used, meaning the user has 5 ecoinvent datasets left in their free trial.

What is the price of a one year subscription for Mobius?

The pricing of a one year subscription for Mobius starts from 260€ per month. Additional pricing information can be found on our website and directly in Mobius if you’re doing a free trial. To find the pricing in Mobius, go to your account settings (bottom left), and navigate to the ‘Billing & Subscriptions’ tab. Read more about pricing and the subscriptions here.

We offer two types of subscriptions:

  • Mobius Professional: A Mobius subscription for single users

  • Mobius Business: A subscription option for anyone wanting to use Mobius with multiple colleagues, or have unlimited objects.

Both subscription types are available on a monthly and annual billing period. Users opting for an annual subscription benefit from a 24% discount!

Technical Support & Security

Does Mobius support two- or multi-factor authentication (2FA & MFA), as well as the use of an authenticator app?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security when logging into Mobius by requiring a secondary passcode upon logging in. It is possible to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Ecochain Mobius enables you to use your preferred authenticator app.

To set up 2FA follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the User profile.

  2. Enable the option to use two-factor authentication.

  3. After logging out, you will be asked to set up 2FA with your preferred authenticator app. Open your authenticator app on your phone and scan the QR code.

  4. After scanning the QR code, you will have created a new entry for Monius in your authenticator app. Use the code displayed and enter it.

  5. Save the recovery code in a secure place on your device, so you will always have a code to log in when you do not have your authenticator app with you.

  6. You have now set up 2FA for your Mobius account! Upon the next login, you will be asked to provide your one-time code. You can select the option to remember a device for 30 days

How do I make a backup or copy of everything in my Mobius workspace (i.e., products and objects)?

Backups can be made in Mobius by exporting your LCA structures into a CSV format. These CSV structures serve as a backup outside of Mobius, with the benefit that they can be re-imported into the same workspace or another workspace later. To do this, create a ‘meta-object/product’ which lists all objects in a flat list that you can store.

Alternatively, you can also create a separate ‘frozen’ workspace in your account where you store final versions of your LCA, thereby avoiding the risk of accidentally changing your LCA.

Book a free meeting directly from the Mobius Homepage if you need more support. In the meantime, we are working hard to offer other backup options within Mobius in the coming year!

Data input, management & libraries

What input data do you need, and how to collect it?

We have various guides, and resources to help with this:

  • We have an Academy that offers an LCA beginners course, as well as onboarding trainings for both of our two software solutions - Mobius and Helix. By completing these courses, you will obtain a better understanding on what it takes to create an LCA, including what data you will need to collect.

  • We have lots of explainers in our Help Center. To get started, have a read through this article on how to obtain data for your LCA.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Do not hesitate to schedule a free onboarding call if you’re stuck using Mobius! Free calls can directly be scheduled from the Mobius Homepage, by clicking on ‘Book a free appointment’.

Does Ecochain have templates for Mobius?

Yes, Ecochain has templates for Mobius users. Take a look at our current product templates, which are available here. Additionally, you can find sample import files directly in Mobius. Simply go to the product, or object, overview page, and navigate to the Import button. Upon clicking on the Import button, you’ll find several template options available.

Is it possible to create your own database entries?

When modeling an LCA in Mobius, there are two ways in which you can add impact to your objects - either through adding representative datasets from an LCI database (e.g. Ecoinvent), or by making use of Custom Impact. The latter approach allows you to fill in manual entries for all, or selected environmental impact categories.

In other words, yes, there are approaches for creating your own database entries, which can reduce your reliance on Ecoinvent for your entire LCA model.

Does Mobius offer a ready library with objects when you start using the software?

Currently, when you start using Mobius, your personal workspace will be empty. Our Help Center offers templates to get started in some of the key industries we serve - Textile, Construction, Electronics, Food, and Packaging. We are constantly working on improving and expanding our availability of templates.

We also have a demo workspace available that can serve as a starting point for determining how to set up your own environment. It uses the example of a T-shirt and you can find it in your Workspace overview.

In case your company would like to receive custom assistance with creating your own object library - we can help with our in-house Environmental Specialists to speed up the onboarding process.

Usage, Scenarios & Applications

Can Mobius be used only for product LCAs, or also for processes?

Our current focus for the development of Mobius is Product LCAs, specifically the ecodesign use case. Having said that, Mobius is an extremely flexible tool, when it comes to creating LCA models. While we organize pages in Mobius using the terms Products, Objects, Life cycles, you can certainly model a process in Mobius - provided you have the required data & knowledge on your process to model it accordingly.

Is Mobius intended only for internal purposes, or can you use it for commercial use?

The Mobius customer base consists of a broad group - diverse industries and various professionals - that use Mobius to help them get their job done. While we at Ecochain are primarily focusing on the eco-design use case, the Mobius software can be used for:

  • Creating LCAs for verified reports. Verified LCAs in some industries are often required to participate in tenders. Additionally, verifying an LCA with a third (external) party will offer you an additional layer of guarantee that the LCA you’ve created is robust and accurate. It will enable you to make (marketing) claims in a better way. Ecochain offers Professional Services that can aid in this process.

  • Comparing your product to a benchmark, or an alternative (competitor) substitute. From experience, we know that these comparisons tend to be difficult because it is hard to obtain accurate data on the alternative product that you are trying to compare to. To make a fair comparison, it is necessary to ensure you have (i) data on both products to be compared, as well as (ii) data being of similar quality & based on the same calculation method.

My LCA model in Mobius shows zero impact. Why, and how can I solve it?

There are several reasons why your product’s LCA can show zero impact - unfortunately there is not one answer to this question. One of the reasons could be the following:

1. No impact added yet

You haven’t added any impact to your product’s inventory (yet) through adding datasets from Ecoinvent, or through Custom Impact. If you’ve currently modeled the ‘skeleton’ structure of your product, it naturally won’t have impact added to it instantly. You will notice this, when the object items in your inventory signal ‘Add impact or add (sub)item’.

2. Wrong, or no properties assigned

You have added impact to the objects in your inventory, but there is no property added to the object (yet). Every object containing impact from an LCI database in Mobius should have a property attributed to it. Properties are an essential part of Mobius, that helps you tell Mobius what the relationship is between (i) the unit of the object in your inventory, and (ii) the unit of measurement of the Ecoinvent dataset. Take a look at this article to read more about Properties and how they work in Mobius.

3. (In)compatable databases & methods

The LCI database (version) you are making use of isn’t compatible with the currently selected calculation method in your workspace settings. In case there’s a mismatch between the LCI database used, and the calculation method, the impact may display as being zero. This occasionally happens when your workspace settings are set to making use of Ecoinvent, but you (accidentally) included a dataset from the PEF database in your Product Inventory.

4. Wrong environmental impact category

You might be looking at a different impact category - not all datasets in Ecoinvent have an impact for all impact categories.

In the case that none of these explanations are the solution to your issue, reach out to us so we can help you personally.

What can I do by comparing different designs of products in Mobius?

By comparing several, alternative designs of the same product, Mobius users are able to gain valuable insights into the environmental impact of diverse materials that are being considered for their respective products. As such, Mobius aids in making sustainable business decisions. Additionally, Mobius has a great feature, which we call the Scenario feature. This feature allows you to easily make a copy of your product’s LCA, and make any desired changes to the copy. As such, you’re able to compare differences within a matter of minutes! Read more about the Scenario feature here.

Read more about sustainable product design in our guide.

Reporting & Validity

Can Mobius create detailed reports inside the software?

Currently, Mobius has limited (automated) reporting capabilities. Mobius can create an automated 1-pager (PDF format), that summarizes a product’s footprint based on the selected impact category, and selected calculation method.

Other outputs from Mobius, such as the structure (.csv) and the total impact results (.xlsx) can serve as a starting point for creating your report, in line with the (LCA) framework applicable to you.

Ecochain furthermore has reporting templates available to help you document your LCA in case you’d like to proceed independently. Additionally, Ecochain has in-house Environmental Specialists who can help you with creating the needed report based on the LCAs modeled in Mobius. Reach out to [email protected] to receive further assistance.

Does Mobius support the creation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)?

Mobius is a product footprinting software that facilitates and simplifies the creation of Life Cycle Assessments. We have diverse calculation methods (PEF, EN15804+A2, NMD Bepalingsmethode, etc.) available to ensure your LCA complies with the standards applicable to you. The starting point for any EPD is the creation of a (verified) Life Cycle Assessment. In that sense, Mobius supports the first steps anyone needs to take to get to an EPD. Have a read through this complete guide on EPDs.

Currently, Mobius does not have reporting capabilities built into the software, or auto-generated templates for EPDs. The writing of complete reports, at the moment, is a manual task. We do, however, have report templates available to help in the process. Having said that, we have many customers who have created EPDs with the use of Mobius!

Reach out to [email protected] for more information, or any potential required assistance in your LCA, or EPD journey.

Is it possible to make a third party verification of an LCA made with Mobius?

Yes, many LCAs made with Mobius are verified by external, third-party verifiers. This is possible as long as you follow a certain LCA calculation method and standard, and create your LCA report according to the respective requirements. Mobius generates all the relevant LCA data and results you need to write a report for verification.

Pro tip: It can help to get in touch, and align, with an external third-party verifier before creating the full LCA, or report. It can save you a lot of time later on, in the review process!

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