Recycled wool

Download our Recycled wool Product Template to start easily with Ecochain Mobius

This Product Template is a practical LCA model. It contains specific materials used for producing recycled wool and the subsequent datasets are pre-selected for you!

Are you just started using Ecochain Mobius and are you working in the Textile Industry, but you don't exactly know where to start? Keep reading! This article shows you an example of how our environmental specialists would model recycled wool. 

You are probably aware that the textile sector has a significant impact on the environment. What's the difference in the environmental impact when comparing locally produced products with imported products? Or what's the difference between using natural or synthetic materials? These differences can easily be compared with Ecochain Mobius!

Download our cradle-to-gate recycled wool Product Template below, and see the impact of recycled wool yourself. Note that the results are not verified - they are for illustrative purposes only.

Product Template Recycled wool

Make sure to follow the instructions on how to import a product in Ecochain Mobius. Watch the following video tutorial Import data in Ecochain Mobius